Fiction & Verse

Chitra exploits all genres of fiction and loves to write stories that make little noise on the surface but where each blank space, each line, each word stirs up an underworld of emotions. She hears the voices of people living on the margins more clearly and their tales sometimes translate into pen-and-ink stories of wonder. At other times into stories that remind us that disaster strikes at its own time and cartwheels in its own way.

Her masters in English literature and a degree in journalism have helped her be idea-form-culture-counterculture literate and observant even in the space of a page. And, more so, to know that meaning in life is arbitrary and that there is no point in ruining the universe with rigidity.


Short, short stories can say as much as a novel if you pace it right and pack the punch correctly. Here are my flash fiction pieces.


An elfin and illustrated volume of whimsical verses that addresses the puzzling question of how one resolves sameness and contrariness in life. Each volume has a thumb-sized handmade Indian doll created by Chitra’s mother Vimala Jayaram and uses peacock feathers as a backdrop for each new section.

A voice to my words. Do listen in to the audio versions of my stories.