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Chitra’s fictional character, Oomna is a young city girl who shares the stories of her life, from her tweens to her teens, through her stunningly visual website and urges children to reflect on their own life experiences through the O-dare to dream workshop series.

This website is an attempt at a new way children can experience the world in which they learn to use stories to bring alive their thoughts and dreams. It is one-of-its-kind in that also taps into social media, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, to pull in children of differing ages and interests.

In a world where the imbalance between girls and boys is deepening, Chitra’s O-dare-to-dream workshop series gives children between seven and 15 a chance to venture out with Oomna. To listen, interact, and importantly, have fun with her. To question the boundaries that limit them. To think about their own dreams. To come up with their own solutions to their own situations. In short, it allows them to find the Oomna within.


Notebook Bihar

Chitra, along with renowned photographer Eklavya Prasad, regularly navigate Bihar's layered geographical, cultural, social, political, religious and historical vistas through evocative images and guiding copy.

Chitra and Gopi Blogspot

Chitra’s tree-isms are the result of several of her arboreal life truths. She lives on a farm growing trees, creepers, vegetables, salad greens and flowers. She trades secrets with fishes who help her grow greens through aquaponics. She spends a lot of her time fending off marauding flocks of monkeys while listening in awed silence to bird songs. And sitting under the moon that shines its brightest at noon. Here are her happy experiments with organic farming.